How to save 1 crore for grandchildren?

1. Consistently investing Rs 1427 p.m. for 30 years at a rate of 15% will help you create a 1 Crore Corpus for your grandchild. 2. If you want to consider investing only RS 1078 p.m., your investment must generate an annualized return of 16.25% to create 1 Crore in 30 years. At the same time, if you want to conservatively estimate a return of 13.6% p.a for, (a more feasible estimate considering India’s macro-economic factors and GDP growth), you may accumulate RS 2000 p.m. to create the same corpus. 3. To diversify Business risk adequately, it is recommended to invest in Equity Diversified Funds. The SIP route will ensure you diversify and average the market risk. 4. Yes, investment in the name of a minor is possible through his /her own bank account, and operated by the father or mother as the guardian. 5. Steady and continuous investments, with the recommended amounts have been suggested above. However, periodic stepping up of SIP’s also helps you achieve the corpus. Starting your SIP with Rs 1026/- in 1st year, and growing the contribution annually by 11%, helps you achieve 1 Crore corpus in 30 years. 6. Approach a qualified financial advisor who will help you with the necessary paperwork to initiate a direct deduction of the monthly SIP from the bank account. Registering a mutual fund KYC with pan copy, photo and address proof are pre-requisites to investing. 7. Diversified, Open-ended, equity scheme are the best available options for long term goals. They are open ended and readily available. However, all investments initiated within last 12 months are subject to exit charges and tax implications.

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