How to select a good mutual fund to earn maximum returns?

Choose a MF based on it's past long-term data (for more than at least 7 to10 years). Go for a fund which has minimised risk and maximised returns among its peers. We want to identify optimum risk adjusted returns of a fund.

Check whether the investment universe of the fund is as stated in its' objectives, that the processes are in place (and being adhered to) for stock selection and buidling up of the portfolio, and that it is not individual driven. 

Also, accord weightage to a fund house in terms of its operational ease and access to information needed.

Asset allocation between equity, debt and commodities help maximization of return while protecting the downside over a period of time for a portfolio. There may be a short period in which a particular scheme may give highest return, but, while choosing a scheme one should evaluate rolling returns over 5 years and 10 years so that overall portfolio performs better.  

1. Set Your Financial Goals Before Investment

2.Define your Risk and Reward Ratios

3.Check the Fund History and Track Record of the Funds and Fund Manager track record

4. Expense Ratio and Loads

5. Select a Fund which is appropriate for your Time Horizon

6. Take the help of an Advisor


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