I earn Rs. 50,000 per month. How much should I invest every month for a retirement corpus of Rs. 4 crore?

Assuming the current age as 30 and retirement age is 60 one should start saving Rs 18000/- per month assuming ROI is @ 10%.


Without providing any basic details about you like your age, risk profile, retirement age, etc it will not be possible for me to answer your query


  • Rate of return is 11% pa.
  • Retirement age 58 years

Investment is subject to market risk, please read the document carefully before investing

Current Age

Monthly investment


Rs. 11,500/-


Rs. 20,000/-


Rs. 35,000/-



PV             40,000,000      40,000,000      40,000,000      40,000,000
After (years) 20 25 30 35
FV           154,787,378    217,097,306    304,490,202    427,063,259
inflation 7% 7% 7% 7%
Monthly inv.required                   156,469            115,548              87,123              66,407
Returns of monthly investment done 12% 12% 12% 12%

The chart above details 4 scenarios 

PV (Present Value) means the amount needed if you were retiring today

After refers to the number of years you are retiring after

FV (Future Value) means the amount (extrapolated for those years at an inflation rate of 7%)

Monthly investment required in computed at a compounded returns of 12% per annum. These long term investments should stay invested for at least 7 years

Alternatively, if you require Rs. 4 cr.after certain years ( as mentioned below), the mobthly investment required to be made for that is as under

After (years) 20 25 30 35
FV             40,000,000      40,000,000      40,000,000      40,000,000
inflation 7% 7% 7% 7%
Monthly inv.required                     40,434              21,290              11,445                 6,220
Returns of monthly investment done 12% 12% 12% 12%


We would require more information from you before advising on the quantum of investment required to reach a retirement corpus of 4 crores. However, you will get a clue when I say that if you do an SIP of 25000/- for 27 years then assuming a return of 10%, you might reach this target. However, depending on your expenses, years to retirement and other family obligations you can decide on your SIP amount.   


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