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She is a Ex-Banker started journey in 2005 in banking sector and left the Operation Manager job two years ago ( 2015). Started a new journey in Mutual Fund industry with aim to manage professional as well as personal life well with support and motivation from my husband who is already established in the field. Likes Travelling, watching movies, spending time with family etc.


Mistakes most women do when invest?

It’s part of our life but we all do mistakes 1. Letting someone else handle the finances and investments – Women are experts in daily money management and can do the same when it comes to investment and asset building. 2. Quit Job losing financial independence – Quitting job is not the end of it all but can be constructive in self-employment as well household responsibilities. 3. Women tend to avoid investment related decisions – It is for the fear of going wrong, women avoid investment related decisions. The woman can be of major help to her spouse. 4. Not building assets of your own – Saving money in almirahs and investing in jewellery is not enough. Women should go beyond that and learn latest techniques to further build her assets while diversifying her portfolio for future needs. 5. Children are priority – Children are every mother’s priority, but a woman should also save for her own future. 6. Couples don't discuss their finances until something goes terribly wrong – There should be financial intimacy and mastery of finances between partners.

- Ina Dhingra

I would like to invest Rs.35,00/-annually for tax savings under section 80 C.

Tax saving not an investment

- Ina Dhingra

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